Sandakan Flash Flood Photos.


The non-stop torrential rain in Sandakan over the passed few days has caused flash floods in several main roads, residential areas and villages in Gum-Gum. Parts of the town center were flooded with waters reaching knee height, last Friday. The condition made many parts unpassable to motorists. 

Attached are photos taken by The Borneo Post.

Coutesy : Borneo Post

Courtesy : Borneo Post

Courtesy : Borneo Post

Firework Display and And Aircrafts To Sandakan

Hello again,

So it is Chinese New Year celebration in Sandakan and things are running as it was. As part of the tradition, those who celebrate it, they religiously set off fireworks towards the sky as in the previous years.

The fireworks were originally intended to scare away the "Nian" (year in Chinese), a mythical beast supposed to have preyed on people and livestock at the turn of the year. The monster, however, was afraid of bangs and the red color. The respect of tradition continues and they will carry on the tradition of setting off fireworks.

Indeed, it is amazing to view of the fireworks down the south of Sandakan Airfield from the Sandakan Air Traffic Control Tower. Apparently the fireworks were being let off from the village areas and indeed very 'colorful' but 'eventful'.

However, we all have to be extra vigilant, so the unauthorized activities disturb the schedule aircraft.

There's no doubt the views of the fireworks from the aircraft or from the tower would have been stunning, if not a little frightening! Anyone with insight as to how this is handled? Ask the pilot if they would have been too impressed flying 'next' to a firework display.

But dont worry, Duty Air Traffic Controllers are always on extra alert to prevent the potential risk.

Moral of the story, do not play fireworks near the airport !!