Majlis Bersama Jabatan [23.09.2010 hingga 24.09.2010]

Majlis Bersama Jabatan [MBJ] was recently held at DCAPutrajaya  HQ and was represented by En Shafri Yusoff from Wilayah II region. The meeting was chaired by Director General of DCA for 2 consecutive days. As Syawal fever is still hot, after the meeting, delegates joined the Hari Raya Open House celebration at DCA Putrajaya HQ.  Attached below are some photos taken during the event.

Hari Raya Open House Photos

Attached are Hari Raya Open house photos which were taken at En Rahim and En Shafri/Pn Aisyah's House.

p/s : Awesome foods, so delicious and authentic...

Raya Open House at En. Rahim and En. Shafri/Pn Aisyah's Place [25th September 2010]

Hello everyone. Raya fever seems will never end this time. Raya Open House invitations are being organized by warm hearted Sandakan folks throughout the week. I beleive, everyone is looking forward to eat once-in-a-year delicacies and specialities during Hari Raya. After 30 days of fasting in Ramadan, Syawal is becoming the month of feasting. 

Just an advice, please observe what goes down your throat or else you'll be overweight this time.

As the tradition continues, En. Rahim Monying will be organizing Hari Raya Open House at his place on 25th September at his place in the afternoon. While En. Shafri Yusoff and his wife, Pn Aisyah Ruslan will be organizing another Hari Raya Open House on the same day in the evening.

Let Hari Raya Open House will be a day for all of us to forge the relationship and strengthened the ties.  

To all DCA/Telekom/friends/collegues, you are all invited. See all of you there and HAPPY FEASTING. 

Welcome Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak

On 15th September 2010, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak made a historic visit to Sandakan and attended Sabah level  "Juara Rakyat" programme and Aidil Fitri open house at Padang Bandaran. He was accompanied with his wife, ministers and distinguished entourage. Attached below are photos taken during the event at Sandakan Airport Terminal.


Airports are fascinating places, where people from all around the world fly in. One of the best places to be to get an overall view of the airport and its workings is from an airport control tower. It's possible to tour those towers at some airports. And recently, an organized tour by Dorcas's Kindergarten visited Sandakan Control Tower.

They spent the majority of hour or so up there listening to "Rahim Talk" and "Shamsudin Talk" about what goes on, how they work, their equipment, and answering the questions. They might not learned much as they were kids but at least they were lots with curiosities.

A small token of advice to all who are involved in aviation industry, Every student pilot and airport personnel should take the opportunity to visit a control tower and get some quality time with the controllers. You'll learn a lot in a short amount of time. Probably the most important thing you'll learn, aside from the "listen for the abnormal" advice, is that controllers are people too. And they're there to help pilots.

For Dorca boys and girls, we wish you folks a bright future and may you be the next generation of air traffic controllers.