English Language Proficiency Test and Biryani Fiesta !!

Everybody is enjoying the own plate of biryani

More to come. More than never.
It's the egg that makes a lot of different.

After 3 handsome full plates of Biryani, champions have given up.

Wondering what are they discussing.

Is that Haji Yassin.  

Hello again,

In order to conform with ICAO Language Proficiency requirements, Air Traffic Controllers and all others who use English in RT 2-way communication on international routes must be at ICAO English Language Level 4 (Operational) or above. This must be confirmed by successful completion of an assessment and  approved test.

Those who are assessed at ICAO Level 4 must be re-tested every three years. Those who fail may not be licensed to operate on their respective positions. There are few descriptors that are to be assessed. Those are pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interaction.

Been there and done there.

And their next stop was the 'official restaurant' of Sandakan staff. Zakaria Curry House. Yea, I say again, Zakaria Curry House.

We were all treated with such a mouthwatering chicken biryani. Is this some sort of obsession with Indian foods all of a sudden or the awakening of Indian blood in us. After all, when you patronize an outlet with more locals than foreigners, you know it's gotta be good. It was a good choice !!

Till then, cheers everyone!!

Congratulations And Best Wishes!

Congratulations to Muslijan Paskuar and his wife. DCA Sandakan wishing you marriage filled with love and joy. No more play play ha!

DCASandakan Corporate Shirt Unleashed

DCASandakan boys/girls are great in creating new ideas and concept. And this time, it's corporate shirt initiative. When the idea was mooted in early 2011, the whole department praised the design as something that was extremely elegant and stylish. Now the DCASandakan Corporate Shirt is all-set to challenge the design limits of T-Shirt by refining the color features of the ready made in the market. And from the looks of this corporate shirt, the color is set to be the most stunning T shirt that we have all seen in ages!

It comes with a neat stitched-name and logo on upper part of the pockets and department's name behind the shoulder. Attached are photos taken of the shirts. 

See ya!!

Front View
Name is perfectly stitched and logo
Collar and logo
Stitched name and logo