Visit By Timbalan Menteri Pengangkutan 1 YB. Tuan Jelaing Anak Mersat

On the 17/01/11, our Timbalan Menteri pengangkutan 1,
YB. Tuan Jelaing Anak Mersat, had visited Sandakan Airport to hear the progress of the new Terminal Building.

The Deputy Minister and his entourage landed safely at time 10.48 a.m. and were welcome by,among them, Sandakan MAB Manager, En. Awang Mahali, Timbalan Pengarah Wilayah 2, Mr. Sio and Sandakan DCA manager, En. Amir Hamzah Bin Haji Abbas.

The visit started by briefing given by Sandakan MAB Manager, En. Awang Mahali, regarding the progress of the proposed developement of Sandakan Airport.

After the briefing, the entourage went up to the tower for briefing by DCA. The briefing was done by Mr Sio.This went on for 30 minutes while the other participants were busy with the 'photography session' since it were their first time up on the tower.

A very delicious lunch was waiting for us after the tour to the tower.

A very big 'thank you' to MAB for sponsoring...hehehe.

Attach here are some photos taken during the tour...enjoy.

briefing by MAB

artist impression of the newly proposed terminal building

Q&A session

Our staffs

tour de Sandakan Tower 1

tour de Sandakan Tower 2

group photo with Timb. Menteri

Explanation by Mr. Sio

Q&A session with DCA officers

with JPJ and Puspakom officers

WRVR Central Management Monitoring System

On the 10th January 2011, DCA Sandakan had conducted a briefing regarding WRVR Cental Management Monitoring System.The speakers was Mr. Nazlee from DCA Sandakan and Cik Syarah from Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia of Sandakan. The briefing was conducted to pass the information that they gathered during their WRVR course in Kuching.The briefing was conducted in two sessions, morning and afternoon, to cater all the staffs who were working in shift. Basically, the briefing focus on how the system works, basic introduction of the equipments and how we, the ATC, used it. For your information, this system had been in used since April 2009 and currently being used in 16 stations including Sandakan Airport.

Attach here are some photos taken, enjoy!


Hello again....Futsal KK 2010 was the highlight of 2010 showdown. Sorry for the late post but it's better late than never. Attached are photos taken during the tournament and SDK/TWU/LHD team won the 2nd place. The champion of the day was TMB team. Happy browsing yea!!

Till then, see ya!!

Welcome to Ms Maimum Bt Bakar

Hello again.....DCASandakan would like to extend a very warmth welcome to Cik Maimum Bt Bakar who is reporting her first day of duty today on 2/01/2011. Cik Maimum will be working together with Hajah Juita as N1 in the office.

We are hoping Cik Maimum will enjoy her career life here in Sandakan. WELCOME!!

Till then, see ya!!


On 2/01/2011, DCASandakan the very first staff meeting at Sandakan Meeting Room at 9:00 am. The meeting discussed on operational and administration issues with regards to DCASandakan The meeting was chaired by DCASandakan Manager, En Amir Hamzah Bin Haji Abbas and attended by almost all staff.

DCASandakan staff meeting ended at 1:00 pm and treat for the lunch was delicious Zakaria Chicken Biryani. The meal was good and portion was large. Indeed, Zakaria is the top choice I guess.

Till then, see ya!!

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope that it is not to late to wish you guys out there. Year 2010 left such a mix of bitter and sweet memories to all Sandakan staff. Hope that in year 2011 will bring new things, new experiences and new challenges.

Till then, see you in next posting!!


Passengers and members of the public at Sandakan Airport terminal were caught by surprise by a wail of sirens and flashing lights from several emergency rescue vehicles seen rushing to assist survivors of a fire victim recently.

Many anxious passers-by were shocked to see emergency rescue workers and paramedics busy helping injured passengers from the fire which had earlier ‘burst into flame’ inside of the terminal building.

However, everyone let out a sigh of relief upon finding out the fire was a mock Fire Drill held by Malaysia Airports Berhad to test its ability in handling fire with mass casualties.

Although it was only a drill, systematic practice and safety procedure were the order of the day. Hospital staff were on their toes and helped direct victims to the appropriate treatment zones according to the severity of their injuries. In a way, such drills helped the authority to test its capability in coping with a disaster involving acute influx of casualties that could challenge its existing resources.

According to Sandakan Assistant Manager, Mr. Mohd Ramisham Bin Mahmud,  the drill is the benchmark on how all different parties assess the coordination with relevant emergency rescue agencies such as the police, fire and rescue department and ambulance service providers.

Another officer from DCASandakan, Mr Hor Sin Ann added that the highlight of the drill was a 10-minute demonstration where emergency workers helped to bring out injured passengers from the terminal building while paramedics were on hand to provide treatment at an emergency triage set up at the scene. Although it was only a drill, basic systematic practice and safety procedure were the order of the day.

The complete photo essay of fire drill at Sandakan Airport are as followed :