DCASandakan Farewell Party : 18 June 2011

I hope this is not a sad posting. Although we cant hide our tears and sadness, but .......

Whether you are leaving home to go traveling, or returning home from travelling or living overseas, a must thing to do is to have a farewell party. It’s a time for you to say your goodbyes and celebrate the many friendships and great memories you have created from wherever you have been. 

DCASandakan held a farewell party for En Amir Hamzah Bin Haji Abbas, DCASandakan Manager on his transfer to DCATawau on 18 June 2011 at CitiClub, Sandakan. En. Amir Hamzah has been a manager at Sandakan Airport for more than 3 years and has been consistent in delivering the best to all.

What makes farewell parties so memorable, is that everyone arrives to the party, knowing that a change is coming yet intent on making that as painless as possible for everyone. We do that by having as much fun as possible. There is lightness in the air, much laughter and talk about great times we’ve all had. And there are plans made about the promise for the future to meet again. Friends are inspired to come visit you and you talk about when it might happen, and what you might do when you arrive. It’s a time of freedom to go a little bit different and funky in your send off.

Hope to see you again Mr Amir Hamzah and we all wish the best for you in DCATawau. 

Farewell backdrop
Doa by Haji Mohd Yassin Bin Tugimin
Gift exchange by Ex Manager DCASandakan and future DCASandakan Manager

Gift exchange from TM SNS

Mushroom soup, garlic butter breads, mutton stew.

Mixed vegs, boneless chicken and prawns

VIP table

Not to be forgotten : Fruitiessss

Huge smiles from Haji Moh Yassin and Mr. Yazid Hilmi

The family of Mr Ramisham

DCASandakan bodyguards??

Karaoke session

Promo advert

Adjusting the microphone height while Mr Rahim and Mr Amir Hamzah are looking at VIP table

The light up of the night : Diva Sandakan

Final words by Mr Amir Hamzah

The gathering of families

Say cheese !!

Mr Amir Hamzah with friend

The duet legend

Very high note. I vote for you.

Mr Kinas : Hidden talent

The twist dance probably

From TM. Thank you TM

From DCASandakan staff

Good News : Firefly Flies to Sandakan

Hello again,

This is an attached from local dailies which is supposed to be updated some while ago. Hope you guys are delighted to hear the news. Complete your booking and enjoy the real mother nature in Sandakan. 

 Till then, see you in next post.

1 Ogos 2011

No of View :264

FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd, satu anak syarikat Malaysia Airline System Bhd (MAS), akan terbang ke Sandakan dari Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) mulai 1 Ogos, 2011. Dalam satu kenyataan, Ketua Pemasaran/Komunikasi Firefly, Angelina Fernandez berkata, laluan baharu itu mencerminkan peluasan berterusan rangkaian operasi jet Boeing 737-800 syarikat penerbangan komuniti itu.

“Dengan kemasukan perkhidmatan itu ke sektor berkenaan, Firefly menawarkan opsyen perjalanan yang lebih meluas bagi perniagaan dan liburan di Sabah dan Sarawak,” katanya.
Selain laluan baharu ke Sandakan, ia juga akan meningkatkan kekerapannya kepada tiga kali sehari pada laluan Sibu yang diumumkan baru-baru ini, yang berkuat kuasa 1 Ogos.

Kini, syarikat penerbangan itu menyediakan perkhidmatan ke Kuching dan Kota Kinabalu dari KLIA. – Bernama


Hello again, 

It is HRMIS - Part 2 in WBKS. It was conducted by En. Mohaidin and En. Ismadi from DCA KK. Thank you guys for your hardwork and enthusiast, traveling the whole of Wilayah II in disseminating relevant information to all DCA staff.

Generally, apart from improvement processes of the existing human resources, project HRMIS offers sophisticated updating technology, for example, matters of human resources can be done in real-time and online. Human resource data bank information will be integrated between agencies in order to facilitate the use of information on human resources by the parties concerned. This sounds a bit techie and hard but it is really worth to know and easy to be used.

Preparation will be provided through training sessions and channels of communication that will be given particular from time to time. Hope to see you guys in Sandakan again. 

Attached are photos taken during the training/briefing early this morning.

Mr Amir Hamzah Haji Abbas (Left) and Mr Rahim Monying (Right)

Focus Mode by DCASandakan staff
Mr Adaris (Right) and Mr Mohaidin (Left)

HRMIS : Not so tough right

Practical session by all

Evaluation session on how to use the system

Mr Ismadi : What else to explain. These blokes are damn good

Mr Adaris : Kacang Cap Tangan only

Till then, see you in next post.