Multi-Tasking Controllers

These are snapshots taken during a rare 'carpentering' session at DCASandakan tower. DCA Manager, En Amir Hamzah Bin Haji Abbas and En Mohd Shafri Yusoff are taking it serious in repairing chair at the tower. This is what we call multi tasking and apparently it is simultaneous performance of two persons. 


Only pro can do this

Haji would love to give his hand

Chair is about ready to be used.

Another few knocks, the chair is finally ready to be sat on

Lunch with Air Traffic Inspectorarte Officers

Venue : Zakaria Curry House, Sandakan
Time : 1 pm
Menu : Chicken Biryani
Satisfaction Level : Full to maximum
Calory content : Hold on, I shall consult this with dietitian.

Hello again, Air Traffic Inspectorate Officers and Sandakan Air Traffic Controllers headed again to 'official restaurant' in Bandar Labuk. I guess, most of the times, in every occasion, Zakaria Curry House is the top choice. The foods are relatively goods, fresh and hot. The biryani is the signature dish of the restaurant and the papadom is such a great crisp. Attached are photos taken during the lunch. 


Mr Sam with his mouth watering meal. A great mean before medical appointment for Mr Sam

I wonder if they have Tandoori s well.

Somebody in heavy action.

Looking for someone?    


Audit Complete, Review Begins

Hello again.

So, what's next guys. Attached are photos taken during audit week. Enjoy!!

Mr CL Ooi is concentrating with his work.

What should I say...

Dr Noorlinah is checking out latest entry at DCASandakan blog

DCAM and SATCO are looking from far while Mr Sam is smiling.

Is that Pn Aisyah?

Dr Noorlinah and Haji Yassin

Mr CL Ooi

Rare pose by Mr CL Ooi (from inspectorate division) and Mr Rahim (Sandakan Controller)

Mr Sham and Mr Sam. Is this typo-error. What do they have in common?

It's a smile while reviewing.

Mr CL Ooi and Mr Rahim at Sandakan Tower

Caption of strongmen of audit team. Mr Rahim and Mr Chap while Mr Lai is busy with traffic.

It's Audit Fever...

DCASandakan would like to wish all DCASandakan staff  a good start for an Audit Week which is scheduled on 21st until 25th of FEB 2011. Thank you very much for your invaluable support. 

~ All The Best ~

Condolence to DCASandakan Manager

En. Amir Hamzah Bin Haji Abbas, 

We are all taken aback to see the untimely demise of your beloved mother-in-law. We share our deepest sympathy and grief on this moment. May God bless her in heaven and peace forever. Convey our regard to one and all in the family.

Al Fatihah



Congratulations to Mr Sam and family

Ten tiny fingers that always want to play,
That never stop exploring the wonder of the day,
Ten little fingers that from the very start,
Will reach out for tomorrow, yet, always hold your heart"

Mr Sam,

Bringing a newborn baby into the world is an exciting period of time for the family and friends. Newborn can feel all the different sensation and may he feels the sensation of loves from his parents. Newborn could hear the internal sounds and may he hears the internal heart beat of his mother that would nurture him the best. Newborns can respond to different tastes and may he tastes the wonderful smell of heaven under her mothers' feet.

For the record, this baby has been blessed with a beautiful name which is  Noor Hariz Izzudin Bin Shamsudin Noor and this cutie was born on 19.01.2011 at time 12:30 noon. This is the 3rd child of Mr Sam and he's gonna be the 2nd hero of the family after his elder brother.
Attached are photos taken during a visit to Mr Sam's house.

Noor Hariz Izzudin sleeping inside his swing

Noor Hariz Izzudin flexing when we snapped his photo

Flexing again. It's dinner time

Chap, Ecah and their beloved daughter, Amni in Mr Sam's house

Mr Sam's wife, Kak Mazleena, her daughter and Ecah.

Noor Hariz Izzudin : Say Cheeeeese

Noor Hariz Izzudin wondering why so many people staring at me

Mr Sam and Joe in action

Chap, Nazz and Kak Mazleena

Ecah is peeping and  Noor Hariz Izzudin on his mother's lap

Beautifully arranged

Kak Mazleena, her daughter and Ecah

Where Amni? I wonder!!

After a good dinner at Mr Sam's house

I guess I'm sleepy now, says Noor Hariz Izzudin

Noor Hariz Izzudin

Noor Hariz Izzudin

Traditional kain pelikat hammock, Mr Sam's style


Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2011

Fireworks explode in the skies,
A special treat for children eyes,
Celebrations are all we hear,
For the success of the coming year.

DCASandakan would like to wish all our Chinese Malaysian friends a very happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2011. May fortune and treasures come with blooming flowers ...