FAM FLIGHT - Mohd Shafri Bin Yusoff

Date : 27th October 2010
Departure Aerodrome : WBKS
Destination Aerodrome : WBKW
Aicraft Type :Bell 206B JetRanger III

DCASandakan familiarisation flight experience begins with meeting fully qualified and well experienced pilot and other members of team. Mohd Shafri Bin Yusoff embarks on the first ever journey to WBKW and is guided through a pre flight brief and complete the necessary manifest papers. This is part of DCASandakan extra curricular activity that has been planned for months as to promote safety, orderly and expeditious flow of the traffic. It is planned as such all Air Traffic Controllers in Sandakan will get the chance to know the other side of geographical points and localities as this will help both parties agreeing in one term of understanding.

The program has indeed opened up the eyes of Air Traffic Controllers on the workload pilot is having, difficulty of communication in heavy noise environment and how to comply the restrictions given from the tower.

Attached are photos taken from the helicopter :

Photo : Sandakan Bay

Photo : Sandakan Bay

Photo : South of Sandakan airfield

Photo : Approximately 3 miles south of Sandakan airfield

Photo : Approaching airfield

Photo : View of Airbus A320 lining up RWY26

Photo : View of Airbus A320 rolling RWY26

Photo : View of Sandakan Tower and Sabah Air Hangar

Photo : Sandakan Tower from helicopter cockpit view

Photo : View of main apron from Sabah Air Hangar

Photo : En Shafri infront of Bell 206B JetRanger III

Photo : En Shafri and Captain Francis Leong upon starting up for WBKW

Photo : Listening to RT between Captain and Tower Controller

Photo : View of RWY06 departure at WBKW

Photo : Tawau localities

Photo : As feet on perspex, it's never for acrophobia, altophobia and hyposophobia. We shall look what dictionary says.

Photo : Control column and cockpit panel of helicopter

Photo : Experiencing weather after took off WBKW

Photo : Gua Madai. Interested to collect bird's nest

Photo : Spectacular view of Silam area

Photo : Beautiful view of Silam area

Photo : Experiencing weather

Till we meet up again. See ya.

Brief Visit to Sandakan Met Office, Sabah Air and Sandakan AFRS Station

On 18 October 2010, a brief visit to 2 aviation related units, Met Office, Sabah Air and AFRS unit was made by DCASandakan Air Traffic Controllers. This visit was intended to drill more knowledge on how the other units were operating and how the coordinations between them were taken place. It was a practical visit as it gave lots of informations and details to controllers and as this was a fruitful idea, the second batch of visit will be made soon. 

Attached are photos taken during the visit.

DCASandakan Staff Meeting and DCASandakan Club Meeting [18.10.2010]

Attached here are photos taken during DCASandakan Staff Meeting and DCASandakan Club Meeting. It was held on 18 October 2010 at DCASandakan Meeting Hall.

DCASandakan Fishing Trip [16 OKT 2010]

After long months of working, we had to stop by and feel the ticking of times. Ponder the beautiful creations around us and not to be locked inside the tower for the next 20 years time. As to promote openness and forging relationship, activity has to be organized as part of monthly vitae. Thus, DCASandakan boys are not left behind to be part of active energy and force in order to drive ourselves towards a healthy lifestyles.

Does that sounds like door-to-door vitamin salesman??

On 16th October [Saturday], DCASandakan went on one big long fishing trip in at Sulu Sea. After all, shore lines is just stone away from where we work. We spent just about every minute of his quick road trip fishing, talking fish, taking pictures of fish, eating fish but no scuba diving with the fish. Anyhow we will let the pictures finish this story and if I feel so moved (have some extra time) I will expound a bit more.

Bright sunny day with clear blue skies. We finally head off, beautiful and superb weather on the Saturday morning. Sun shines in the background a la Western and everything with our breaths smelling fish. Perfect conditions for relaxing. Some of us caught a whole bunch of fishes : Kerapu, Gelama, Tenggiri, and Ketam.

Not long after, our small little fishing boat taxied to one of the Bagang. All of us The 12 of us geared up our rods under the instruction of our guides, Mr Peter and Mr Yazid.

“We will be fishing now,” they said. We all grabbed our fishing rods and looked at each other before drawing the same blank looks on our faces. Not all of us have had any fishing experience. For a first timer, this was really adrenalin pumping experience.

“Hmm,  how do we do this?” one of us asked Mr Peter.

“Just drop them into the bottom of this wide open sea and then reel them up a little from the ocean floor. When you feel something heavy just reel up the fish. Hope that you have a big one ya”.

Bait? Good ol’ squid and prawns.. Can’t go wrong with them! [Of course that statement fits for  those who get the fish].
Kerapu is the most common species in Sandakan side of Sulu Sea and some people prefer to release and catch caught on long lines. The big ones are amazing as the small one do.

Joe and Mr Sam soon hit the hay after a few hours. With no space left Joe slept in the captain’s quarters which is just a small wooden cabin with no mattress. Whereas Mr Sam, slumbered away in cozy comfort by covering his face. Awesome||

After the sun rose Mr Peter moved us even further southbound towards Pulau Berhala. “This is where the big ones are” he told us. The currents here were a little bit calm and anything surviving in the area would have to be some seriously big fish.

Early birds who are waiting at jetty

The legendary boat of inspirational

It's lotion time. Sun screen lotion to prevent UV rays.

The other side of Berhala Island

Berhala Island from a far.

Mr Yazid became the mentor during that day.

Net Net Net.

To be brought up by net

Spanish Mackerel by Mr Fahim

Spanish Mackerel

Fishing at Bagang 1

TM representative, Mr Hady awaiting anxiously with his rod

Trying our luck at Bagang 1

Chap is plating the Special Bihun made by Mr Rahim. So delicious.

It's finished in 10 minutes. So good.

After hours of fishing, it's time to eat.

Mr Ramisham with his upgraded version of license. It's Dolphin Crab. Congratulation.

It's mid-afternoon. It's photo time.

Congratulation tu Hady. His double hooked really hit the jackpot this time. License for the day.

Shafri too receives his full license. Congratulation.

Joe : Happy man with bucket of fishes.

Group photo session. 

Haji Smiles with his catch. Licence granted.

Mr Sam and his catch. That's very catchy indeed.

Take a break yeah.

Posing time with all.

Best pose by Mr Yazid. Cool.

I wonder how old is this grouper.


If life was only like this everyday. So long Bagang, see you next time.