2nd Mini-Barbecue @ WBKS

Hello again. To all who are observing Ramadhan, Eid Ramadhan Mubarak to you. We are at 2/3 of the month and may God showers His mercy upon all of us.

As per activities had continued, right before Ramadhan, WBKS had again organized mini barbecue and even the party-size was kinda small, but we had an absolute fun. The menu were "Ikan Kembung Bakar" and tongue burning sambal made by En. Rahim Monying and En. Ramisham Mahmud.

For your information, the 'sambal' was a kick one. It really blasted you to the sky and rocketed you twice on the orbit. The speed was good enough for us to have more and more.

Attached are few photos taken and well done guys!!


DCASandakan would like to wish Tuan Haji Mohd Yassin Tugimin and En. Ramisham Mahmud a very best of luck and success on your Vald/Prof check this Monday and Tuesday.

"Good Luck For The Day,
May Success Come In Your Way,
May Your Day Be Full of Fun,
And You Will Impress Everyone.."

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan 2010

Kepada semua Muslimin dan Muslimat seluruhnya, DCASandakan ingin mengucapkan selamat mengerjakan Ibadah Puasa pada tahun ini.

Latest Progress : Prof and Vald Check

Hello Sandakan. A much awaited date is still unknown. Some mysteries just have to go unsolved and let the nature calls in. In easier way,  a mystery is something that is to explain or understand. Mysteries are also stories where a problem, or puzzle must be solved. [Does this include Soduku and Peta Tangga Ular]

Tuan Haji Mohd Yassin Tugimin and En Ramisham Mahmud are pumping their adrenalin hard to hit the jackpot during prof and vald check. As for today, we hope that it will be done before Eid Al Fitr, thus, all of us can celebrate it in tranquility and happy. The progress they're making are awesome. Superb. Brilliante s [SpongeBob created this word really]. DCASandakan feels, they are ready at anytimes. For sure, A+ for them.

Photos shown are progress they're making in DCASandakan Tower.

All The Best !!

BBQ Night @ DCASandakan

Ramadhan is around the corner and this year, DCASandakan has something different.  Here it comes the great Malaysian outdoor culinary tradition : BARBECUE!

BBQ is a rite of manhood [yes, BBQ is associated with male cooking, probably because any woman would not go near the combination fire and meat]. The fastest way to start a fight is not to talk politics, but to argue about the virtues of wood vs. charcoal vs. gas vs what to grill first. Even the word itself is kind of controversial. Either is it barbecue, barbeque, bar-b-q, or BBQ? Just don’t bring it up with a purist [or the one cooking your benjo hotdog at roadside stall]

On Saturday [31st July 2010], DCASandakan closed down the badminton hall and surrounding areas to host the BBQ Night @ DCA Car Porch area. It is a  leasure theme concept and the fun awaits. This all ages event from 6pm-10pm is free, open to all DCASandakan staff and features live performances by hidden talents and foods from wonderful BBQ menu.

Menu for the night: fish, chicken wings, veggies, mutton, prawns, popia, traditional sambal belacan[you heard me right], fruits [honeydew, oranges, rambutans] and special lemonade syrup by Abang Haji Yassin. We really had fun grilling food. There were 2 grillers at medium size and quite easy to use. All of us took turn grilling and kinda fun experience.

That's right. First time DCASandakan BBQ Night! Sounds like a great place to be. Something tells me the food will be going fast. Excitement begins!!

We've been planning to do barbecue at the car porch area for the past couple of weeks. Only we didn't find banana leaves anywhere until the last minute someone realized we forgot to cut it down. Sigh! It was drizzling so we stayed in the covered area as per planned.

It was interesting enough to see the bonds of love among kids running around the table, and mothers were taking up their sweet times chatting and fathers were busying themselves grilling the meats. Fun though as we could see the natural roles of women in the kitchen is taken over by man.

To kill the time, karaoke set borrowed by DCASandakan manager, Encik Amir Hamzah had really kicked off well. Seriously, Paula Abdul and Simon Powell should have come over here and audition our guys. They are really talented and energetic. I didnt know En Suhaili Abd Rahman aka Lionel Richie could sing well and he really strucked everyone. 

Special appearance by Sandakan Diva @ Mr Rahim @ Whitney 'Ziela' Houston was a top one. The high pitch voice is entirely unique with vocal registered in perfect vibrato tones. Ziana Zain would give her thumb up to Sandakan Diva.

DCASandakan would extend gratitude and thankful to all who participated in this event. Of course we are all overwhelmed with the supports given. We are hoping that this event will be a stepping stone to forge closer relationship and for sure, we will organize it again next year. For sure, it will be GRANDIOS.

Adios Amigos!!

PTK Exam Schedule

En Amir Hamzah              02/08/2010            Hotel Promenade, KK
Puan Aisyah                     02/08/2010            Hotel Promenade, KK

En Suhaili                         03/08/2010             Hotel Promenade, KK
En Ramisham                    03/08/2010             Hotel Promenade, KK
En Rahim                          03/08/2010             Hotel Promenade, KK
En Mohd Yassin               03/08/2010             Hotel Promenade, KK

En Shamsudin                   06/08/2010              Kuching, Sarawak*
En Yazid                          06/08/2010             Kuching, Sarawak*
En Mohd Shafri                06/08/2010             Kuching, Sarawak*

This is the 1st time for all candidate seat the PTK with new format. We wish you all the best and good luck.

* Note : Venue will be informed later on