Lucky and Unlucky Mr Rosli

It's quite long time we didn't put new story from Sandakan. Everybody is busy with their own life. Since i don't feel sleepy yet tonight, i take this opportunity to write some update.

Two days ago, Mr Rosli, Tawau's ATC had an accident at Sandakan on their (with his wife) way to Tawau from Kota Kinabalu. He was riding his Yamaha big motobike when a 4x4 hit him. I'm not sure what model he use. Luckily both of them were safe with no seroius injury.

Some of us, who have time on last Sunday night, went and visit him at Sandakan Hospital. I've been told by someone, Mr Rosli is still at Sandakan to manage his motobike. He put his motobike at DCA Sandakan Office while looking for the suitable workshop.