Dinner with PW II

Tonight, DCA Sandakan had great dinner with Sabah Region DCA Director, Tuan Mahmud Hj Ahmad Shah and 2 other staff from KK at Pasar Sim Sim, Sandakan. The dishes are simple but we really enjoyed our dinner so much. Here are some photos tonight. Everybody eating like 'raksaksa'. Eat eat eat until u die.... hehehehehe...

All DCA Sandakan's staff joined this dinner except En Suhaili, En Lai Kok Diing, En Mohd Shafri and En Adaris. En Rahim and Puan Aisyah were on duty tonight.

Tuan Mahmud earlier was a bit shy with his full rice in his plate, finally he '2 kali tambah'. We ate Ikan Merah, Ikan Sapi Sapi and Frog Squid (hehehehe... can say like this kah?)

Everybody smiling with full of satisfaction. A few of us suggested to go for karaoke, but our guest said they cannot 'tahan' anymore and want to return to hotel for rest.